Why there is no microwave solution for chronic stress and burnout

magnetronDo you have chronic stress or burn-out related complaints, then almost always you have built them up over a long period and therefore they cannot ‘1-2-3 Ping!-Ready!’ be phased out, like when using a microwave. This would, after all, seem like a long lasting descend in a deep valley and, at top speed climb the opposite steep wall in order to get out of it. Unfortunately you have so long professionally wrong trained your body and mind, the effect has firmly fixated itself in you, it has become daily routine for you. Now you need to unlearn and train into the right direction so that the new behaviour becomes routine. Apart from treating your physical complaints, recovery from chronic stress and burnout is merely about getting insight in your specific behaviour that led to the formation of your complaints.

If you are then going to bring you new insights into practice, exercise the new behaviour, it will always bring with it a risk of relapse. Think about what has become of your good intentions, that you likely made regarding for example weight loss or more workout. Without professional assistance for several months many initiatives strand already at an early stage or end with the well-known yo-yo effect. In the e-book that I wrote I make clear that the partner, manager and close colleagues as well have an important role in monitoring your way up.

I think it’s a must to be available for you during a longer period, in order to guide you and thus remark a possible relapse as soon as possible and make adjustments. My perhaps conservative estimate of the recovery period, thereby makes clear to you that you must be alert for a long time in order to let your new behaviour become routine. After all, you want to feel yourself the old again but not be the old one.

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